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          Southfields Academy

          Southfields Academy

          Sports Leadership Level 3

          Course Info
          Entry Requirements

          Level 3 Qualification in Sports Leadership (HSL3)

          Sports Leaders UK 601/8586/7

          Students will develop leadership skills and their application to sport/physical activities to a range of participants with differing needs.  Students will have to cover the following units:

          1. Developing leadership skills
          2. Planning, leading and evaluating a sports/physical activity event
          3. Leading safe sport/physical activity sessions
          4. Planning, leading and evaluationg sport/physical activity sessions for children

          Optional units
          Learners must complete two units from Units 5, 6 & 7.  They can only be completed after the learner has been assessed for Units 1, 3 and 4:

          1. Planning, leading and evaluating sport/physical activity sessions in the community
          2. Planning, leading and evaluating sport/physical activity sessions for disabled people

          Provides 16 UCAS points, and will demonstrate to future employers and universities that candidates have the ability to successfully plan, lead and deliver activities for a wide range of participants.

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