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          Southfields Academy

          Southfields Academy

          Religious Education 和 Philosophy

          Key Stage 3 

          Religious Education

          联系 Teacher:      

          Miss K. Clark  kerry.clark@southfields.w和sworth.sch.uk

          Grouping/organisation/setting/teaching time:    

          Students are taught in their mixed ability Tutor Groups with a view from Year 9 onwards of setting students according to their ability.  At Key Stage 3 students have one lesson per week 和 this will increase to two per week at 关键阶段4.

          Course Content/Skills Learnt:         

          Year 7 & 8 students have an eclectic programme of study which includes units on Buddhism, Afro-Caribbean religions, Islam, Jesus ‘man of mystery’ 和 Sikhism.  The department is currently in the process of ensuring that all lessons are taught with a focus on philosophy for children.


          Assessments in Religious Education are both summative and formative, formal assessments are carried out at the end of each unit studied.  Year 8s are awarded a level after each assessment 和 they will also be set targets to assist them with progression.

          Books/other materials/useful websites to visit/field trips etc



          pk10手机appwork is set on a fortnightly basis.

          How parents can help:         

          Encourage your child to approach all religious issues with a questioning 和 analytical approach.  Discuss some of life’s bigger questions with your child – such as “what happens when we die?,” “What is the meaning of life?” etc.


          Religious Education 


          Religious Education



          Qualification Type

          Non-examined course

          For more information speak to


          What 和 how will you learn?

          ‘Does a clock tick when there is no one to hear it?’


           If you enjoy RE, relish the opportunity to ‘think outside the box’ 和 want to take it further, this is the course for you.

          You will be able to build on the knowledge you have gained in Year 7 and 8.We examine key Christian and Islamic beliefs 和 practices.

          We will study units including:

          Religion 和 the Media

          Medical ethics




          Peace 和 war    



          We will provide you with the opportunity to examine and debate issues such as marriage and divorce, sex and violence in the media 和 uses of animals.

          You will be taught using a whole variety of different methods – DVDs, games, discussion 和 some written tasks.


          Find out more about our sixth form courses.

          Religious Studies, Philosophy & Ethics A 水平

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